Launching our Alumni Association

Aloha Na Ali’i Alumni,

Many of you reading this may be wondering what exactly the King Kekaulike High School Alumni Association is about. What is the purpose? Who is behind it? How can I get involved?

Let us preface these answers by rightfully acknowledging that this has been a vision of a few King Kekaulike H.S. administrators and alumni who wanted to bring the concept of an alumni association to fruition. Mahalo for the gentle nudge and we hope this vision will become a successful and beneficial relationship between alumni, current King Kekaulike High School students and the surrounding community.

The formation of our alumni association is in its infancy. We have met once a quarter to get a feel of the type of organization we would like to become. Creating an association from the ground-up has its challenges. Creating a solid foundation to build upon is critical and is one of the reasons we have taken our time in developing a framework that will allow for growth. In our meetings it has been easy to get lost in conversations, talking about all the impactful things we would like to participate in and how we can help today’s students in varying capacities. Out of those creative (and sometimes meandering) conversations, we managed to form an executive board, draft a set of governing by-laws, and participate in our first service project (working the food booth at King Kekaulike’s graduation).

The mission of the King Kekaulike Alumni Association is to engage, connect and celebrate the alumni and friends of King Kekaulike High School and work to build lifelong relationships that support the future of our high school.

Aside from the building of relationships between the alumni association and current high school students, the alumni association aims to re-connect with our own alumni and create events to gather and socialize. King Kekaulike has now graduated 14 classes, translating to thousands of alumni. If we can come together for not only good company, but to be a piece of a greater whole, the impact we can have is great. One of the most important things we can do is provide scholarships for students entering various forms of post high school education. The ability to help someone pursue their dreams in today’s challenging environment is powerful and necessary.

Those of us that have volunteered our time and energy to build this association have all come from a variety of graduating classes and fields of work. From teachers to politics to construction, our diversity is our strength. We look forward to expanding this association, adding varying perspectives and creative thinking. What has brought us together thus far is a shared belief that our alma mater is a good school. King Kekaulike has a quality administration, caring and capable educators and faculty, and a bright student body. We have come together to reconnect with all of you, as well as champion the successes of the students and faculty and become another pillar of support for those who seek it.

If you are interested in joining the King Kekaulike High School Alumni Association please visit our website at and like our Facebook page

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